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Jul. 6th, 2009

now and forever

(no subject)

Just wanted to post a few dreams I had before I forget them:

1. I was in a helicopter race (through a grocery store), and like in many video games I had collect certain items along the way. Little did I know that the point wasn't to collect them quickly, but to collect them in the right order. I only learned this when I saw my opponent hitting a bunch of cereal boxes that made noise for some reason and creating a pretty tune. I had just been hitting them all as fast as I could... :(

2. Me and a few other random people and Hiei and Kurama for some reason went on a camping trip with Bill Nye, but instead of tents we had bathroom stalls. Then we threw Bill Nye a surprise party, but it wasn't a birthday party, it was a Christmas party. We set up a Christmas tree and a banner that read "Merry Christmas Bill Nye!" in between the bathroom stalls. The way we managed to do it without him knowing was by tricking him into taking a shower at five in the morning.

I love my dreams, they're so stupid and awesome.

Jul. 1st, 2009

now and forever

A few random thoughts I'm sure no one cares about.

You know Little Caesar's, and how the little guy says "Pizza pizza"?  Well I had a dream last night that the cashiers at the franchise had to do that after every transaction, except they had to say "Vodka vodka."

I really like the word "defenestration," if only because of the implication that at some point it happened often enough that somebody decided there needed to be a word for it.

The weird thing about Oreos is that I don't actually enjoy them until I've mostly already swallowed them.  Then I eat another one, hoping that it'll be as good the whole way through this time, but no go.

I saw a bright red helicopter the other day and for some reason it just made me really happy.

I've got some sort of weird mental tic where whenever I run up stairs, I think of flying.

Bureaucracy is the one word I can never spell.  That and conscious.  All right, two words I can never spell.

What I really like is when there are a lot of dark clouds on one half of the sky, but the sun is shining brightly on the other, and bare tree branches are lit up against a stormy background.  Or at sunset, when the sun hits the clouds just right, or something, I don't really know, and the whole world is suffused in a pink light.  Or after it rains and everything looks green, even things that have no right being green.  Or when the sky is a sort of thin blue, and it looks like an eggshell that would break if you just tapped it a bit.  I dunno, I just like the sky I guess.  Don't get me started on clouds.

All right, that's enough stream of consciousness for now.  Actually I tried writing some stream of consciousness things a while ago and they came out really weird.

Jun. 2nd, 2009

phoenix, edgworth

Mass Affection (lol I'm lame)

Pictures under the cut.Collapse )

In other news, Fair To Midland is my new favorite band.  I have listened to their album like fifteen times since I got it a month ago.

Apr. 17th, 2009

now and forever

I'm trying to arrange my chickens in a pentagram in order to enact unoly vengeance on my neighbors

Stolen from Zemira! I bet a lot of these fandoms nobody on my friendslist actually knows anything about, lawl.

(1) Post a list of up to 30 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc.
(2) Have your f-list guess your favorite character from each item.

Read more...Collapse )

Apr. 13th, 2009


Amazon de-listing books by or about gay people from searches and rankings


Also, here.

WTF. Not cool, man. Not cool.

Apr. 6th, 2009


Some translations!

I just thought I'd do something with these rather than letting them just languish on my hard drive for eternity.  All of them are extra scenes on the Japanese-only PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia.  Kind of in rough shape at the moment, and translations will be a bit loose sometimes if a direct translation sounds stupid.

talking to Linar after clearing the Balacruf MausoleumCollapse )

talking to Mithos after defeating RodyleCollapse )

A scene with Zelos and a snowmanCollapse )

There's a series of new events where, just before making the pact with the last summon spirit, the party goes around to various places and tries to decide which side they'll stay on.  I haven't translated all of them yet, but here are the ones I have.

RaineCollapse )

GenisCollapse )

PreseaCollapse )

RegalCollapse )

Mar. 29th, 2009


Starscream's mom's face.

Been reading over my old entries, which has led to three revelations:

1.  Wow, but I was kind of dumb and annoying.  I probably still am but whatevs.
2.  I was far more obsessed with Yugioh than is healthy.  PLEASE SHUT UP ABOUT YUGIOH, PAST SELF.
3.  My writing style has actually gotten dumber.

In other news, is it weird to get obsessed with your own characters?

Gawd I'm bored.
what the

Well I do say! *monocle adjustment*

My mind, she is blown.  Okay, so you know "nananananananana Batman"?  Apparently that's not people singing at all.  Those are trumpets.


Mar. 25th, 2009

phoenix, edgworth

Dude but I have a lot of characters running around in my head.

From Pater Noster!
Elliot Randall, Elaine Watson, Derrick Patterson, Adrian ("13"), Sebastian "Bastian" Bell, Boudica "Bode" Munroe, Thomas Switzer, Yuting "Zye" Wen ("Bullseye"), Jaqueline "Jack" Rivers, Preethi "Sife" Rangarajan ("Cypher"), Anne Gable, Clark West, Glee, Donovan, Lily Strong, Lucian, Evelyn Devoto

From a story that has a name that is too stupid to write down, and must be renamed!
Tal Dakovich, Sasam Petrayenka, Nyssa Elluin (to be renamed), Tyr Ignavio, Katarin Latroni, Anareth Ksinagi (probably going to be renamed), Zaria Aramanaska, Con, Nyssa's as-yet-unnamed fiance who is awesome and is really deserving of a name.

From Eagle Century Ultima! (I honestly do not know WTF is up with this title but whatevs)
Teodor "TK" Korzeniowski, Jessica Crawford, Hiroto Taylor, Miyu Taylor, Esteban Ramirez (whose name must definitely be changed because that is stereotypical as arggh)

From Angleborne!
Arella No-last-name, Malachi, Ailill, Daire (and these last three are all in need of a name change really.)

From Soulblade!
Anaiah Raminijad, Verigan Lastavi

And of course my Nerevarine Donotham, who has more backstory than most of my other characters put together, and his friends Belina and Hjoldmir.

Oh and Michael too.

So like...41 ish?  And those are just the ones with some semblance of personality.

Hmm.  Because I am an egomaniac, or maybe I just love my characters too much, maybe I could devote one post to each of my characters, or at least the major ones, and really develop some of them, since most of what I know about them is stored up in my head rather than written down anywhere.

Mar. 2nd, 2009

now and forever

Motivation dilemma.

So for a while I've been referencing a character's mysterious angsty backstory, except I only recently realized that I have forgotten to come up with said backstory.  If you're willing to sit through a long block of text, I could use some advice.

Aaand that's what I've been doing the past four hours.

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